Tipota, Biris


In 1949 Nick G Biris of Tripolis produced a new drink called NOTHING or in Greek: TIPOTA. Since then his secret recipe has become famous all over the world as one can plainly see from this article from The DAILY OKLAHOMAN:


TRIPOLIS, GREECE, MARCH 23- Distiller Nicholas G Biris has marketed a brandy under the trade name ‘TIPOTA’ which means ‘nothing’ in Greek. Says Biris:
“From now on anyone who says ‘nothing thanks’ when I offer him a drink gets a shot of my brandy even if I have to pour it doen his throat.
“‘You asked for it”, I’ll tell him. ‘By golly so I did’ he’ll say. It’s as simple as that.”

So what does TIPOTA taste like? It tastes
like the best brandy I have ever had. (not too difficult since I
can’t stand brandy). It tastes like almonds and vanilla and is kind of sweet. Well actually it is really sweet but it is really good too. TIPOTA is sold in Tripolis and probably around Athens if you ask in liquor stores but we found our bottle at a fast-food travel stop on the National Road on the way to Tripolis.

Drink it cold.

Angry rikishi wins

Rikishi means “profesional Sumo wrestler”. In this case the angry fighter wins the match. Anger and rage properly canalized can be  great sources of energy.